1) Litter Boxes and Accessories

Our favorite part of owning cats, surely.

Feline Fresh Cat Litter

Non-Clumping Pine Pellets Absorbs 4 Times More Odor-Causing Liquid! No Dust, No Tracking! Flushable, Scoopable, & Biodegradeable! Safe,...

Intersand Litter

Since 1992, Intersand has been dedicated to producing the finest quality cat litter on the market in its Boucherville facilities on Montreal's...

Odour Buster Cat Litter

Odour Buster™ delivers instant, long-lasting odour control—without masking foul odours with perfumed scents. The secret? An innovative manufacturing...

Swheat Scoop Cat Litter

A common misconception cat owners have of natural litter is that it isn’t as effective at eliminating odors as clay litters. What they don’t...

World's Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter is corn litter that traps nasty ammonia cat odor in every clump. Excellent for automatic litter boxes. See what makes...

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Fresh News - Regular Unscented - 5.44 kg
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Our Pets // Switchgrass Litter - 4.5 kg
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Our Pets // Switchgrass Litter - 9.07 kg
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