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Organic dairy is an area that you can be proud to be part of. From the lack of growth hormones to feed that's free and clear of gmos, if you traditional milk and cheese, organic dairy is the way to go!
Natural Dairy is still a great option and free of strange chemicals!


Biobio has been producing high quality organic cheeses. Initiated by Gattuso Inc. - a family business well-established in Quebec’s food industry...

Fromagerie L'Ancêtre QUÉBEC

Our cheesemakers live by a simple and time honoured philosophy: Offer the best tasting and finest quality organic cheese and butter available,...

Liberté Organic Dairy QUÉBEC

Tradition In 1936, Liberté began manufacturing cream and cottage cheeses near downtown Montréal on the corner of Saint-Urbain and Duluth...

Natrel Organic

Our organic milk comes from farms that comply with rigorous standards (Canadian Organic Standards) established by the Canadian Organic Growers,...

Nutrinor Organic Dairy Co-op QUÉBEC

Le lait de Nutrinor, c’est plus que du lait ! C’est le terroir du Saguenay—Lac-St-Jean qui entre dans votre demeure grâce au savoir-faire...

Olympic Organic QUÉBEC

Olympic Dairy is a brand of dairy products and yogurts manufactured for all Canadians so they can experience the pleasure of a good diet on a...

Organic Meadow ONTARIO

As a Co-operative, Organic Meadow provides a unique opportunity for organic farmers to collectively store, process and market organically-grown...

Stirling Non Organic ONTARIO GayLea

At Stirling Creamery™, we take butter seriously – naturally. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1925 in Stirling, Ontario. We use local,...

Thorneloe Non-Organic NORTHERN ONTARIO

Grass Fed Dairy :) Thornloe Cheese has produced a respected brand of cheese products in Northern Ontario for over 71 years! Our secret to...


Delicious Canadian Greek and Cream Top Yogurts! Small batch made <3 What is the benefit of whole milk from Grass Fed Cows? Cows raised...

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Biemond Garlic & Parsley Cheese - per kg
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Biemond Yogurt Plain LOCAL - 750 ml
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Cassis et Melisse // Goat Cheese - 250 g
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Cassis et Melisse // Goat Cheese Avec Cranberry & Maple - 210 g
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Cassis et Melisse // Goat Cheese Garden - 210 g
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Cassis et Melisse // Goat Cheese Herbs - 210 g
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