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DOM ORGANICS Atlantic Salmon Portions and Fillets are from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. Raised using all-natural, eco-friendly methods and certified organic, our fish are hand fed a diet of organic and sustainable ingredients, free of hormones or genetically modified organisms. Our Atlantic Salmon benefit from low stocking levels and forceful tides, leading to leaner, firmer, and tastier fish.

The DOM ORGANICS Difference

Environmentally friendly farming procedures, designed to work in harmony with existing ecosystems
Adherence to organic farming standards with annual audits and certification by EcoCert Canada
Fish pens are located in waters with high tidal exchanges, preventing waste build-up and ensuring cleaner, healthier waters
Fewer fish per cubic metre means more room to swim, leading to healthier salmon
Fish are hand fed an organic diet with no genetically modified ingredients
Fish meal is derived from by-products of open-sea fish caught for human consumption
Naturally occurring yeast (phaffia) is used in the feed to give the salmon its healthy red colouring

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