Barnsdale Dog Treats

We use only all-natural ingredients and time-tested recipes that have made Barnsdale Farms dog treats a favorite all across North America. Our...

Bellrock Growers USA

MAKE GREEN ROUTINE Make Green Routine! Cereal grasses like wheat grass contain lots of chlorophyll: the green pigment in plants that captures...

Benny Bully's CANADA

Since 1990 Benny Bullys® has been a leader in pet treat innovation – a pioneer in new pure natural pet treats. Made in Canada! No outsourcing!...

Merrick Power Bites!

Soft and chewy all-natural treats with industry-leading levels of powerful protein packed into every bite, including several flavors that start...

Plato USA

That means no mystery meats, no hidden fine print, just real treats created by real people. We believe you should feel confident about what you’re...

Zuke's Pet Treats USA

In 1995, Patrick Meiering took a long hike with his four-legged buddy, Zuke, that inspired a company founded on a very simple premise — we...

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Amelia Carrot Cake Bunny Treats for Dogs -  each
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Dog Bites CANADA // Meaty Marrow Bone - 5 inch
0 $5.50 +HST
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Etta Says! Premium Chew Bar- Duck + Sweet Potato -  each
0 $2.95 +HST
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Nothing Addded Rabbit Ears - 100 g
0 $15.95 +HST
In Stock
Nothing Added Pizzle ONTARIO - 12 inch
0 $5.50 +HST
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Venison Joe's // Beef Bone in Hickory USA -  Medium
0 $4.75 +HST

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