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Our mission and our vision is to be a vibrant community-based workers co-operative that supplies healthy food choices for both people and their pets while at the same time promoting ecological agriculture, safeguarding the ethical treatment of animals, favouring fairly-traded imports, and doing our utmost to support local producers and businesses.

🌟 Dog Food

When it comes to your dog, you know he deserves the best. But in the world of natural dog food,...

💫 Cat Food

Providing your favorite feline friend with a well balanced cat food will improve the quality...

Other Cat Supplies 🐈

Meowing around is a full time job! So let's look at kitty accessories.

Other Dog Supplies 🐕

Fun comes in many forms: Treats, toys, chews, grooming products, cute collars, leashes and harnesses....

Pet Owners: Home Care

Pets can be messy! Let's tidy up!

Supplements & Remedies for Critters

Extra support and care.

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